Herbal Consult

The Initial herbal consultation will include a review of any medical reports plus a series of traditional Chinese medical related questions. The acupuncturist will observe your tongue and palpate your pulse to accurately diagnose your condition. We may also suggest lifestyle changes, dietary advice and or supplementation suggestions. Various types of herbal preparations from tea pills, tablets, powdered granules, liquids and raw herbs can be prepared and prescribed.

Herbal medicine utilises hundreds of different ingredients to bring balance to the body and alleviate illnesses. All of the herbs used within the Sydney Herbal Clinic, meet strict TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and The Traditional Chinese Medicine Endangered Species Certification Scheme (ESCS) guidelines. Herbal medicine can be administered in a variety of ways including raw, powdered, granulated, liquid, pills or capsule preparations. Herbal formulas should only be prescribed by an accredited herbalist to prevent any adverse reactions. Raw herbs are usually made into a decoction by boiling them for a certain amount of time and are consumed once or twice daily. This decoction can also be applied externally as is the case for facial washers.