Gua Sha

Gua sha goes by many different names including scrapping, coining or spooning. Gua sha is a non-invasive technique that can be performed in the clinical setting or at home. It involves rubbing the skin with an implement which increases blood circulation at that localised area. Gua Sha is part of a myofascial technique, breaking up muscle adhesions and improving range of motion. It is typically used for conditions of pain relief but can also be used for facial rejuvenation.

Initially, Gua Sha ointment is applied to the skin’s surface. This oil is specifically designed for the Gua Sha treatment; it contains medical herbs with properties to enhance the blood moving (circulating) or toxin eliminating function of Gua Sha treatment. Using long strokes, a Gua Sha tool is slowly and continuously rubbed down the muscle following the muscle fibres.